What is an Astar track day?

Our track days give you the opportunity to drive one of our race prepped cars at a chosen circuit or venue in the UK under a controlled and safe environment.

Do I need a licence?

Yes, you need either a full driving license or a national B or above MSA/FIA car race licence to take part in a track day.

What car will I be driving?

You will be driving one of our Renault Clio RS race cars, this car is prepped and eligible to enter multiple UK national championships.

How fast do I get to drive?

Our instructors will be coaching you to drive at your personal limits, your speed will increase as your ability develops throughout the day.

Do I need to wear a helmet?

Yes, all occupants of a vehicle need to wear a helmet whilst out on the circuit. Helmets are provided on the day for a fee. However, your welcome to bring your own providing it’s in good condition and passes our inspection. Please note motocross helmets are not permitted.

Do I need insurance?

No – Insurance is not required for a track day.

What happens if I have an accident?

Although a trackday is generally a very safe, the very nature of motorsport means accidents do occasionally happen. That’s why you will always have one of our ARDS (Association of racing driver’s schools) race instructors with you to ensure your as safe as possible.

Can I bring my personal car?

Yes – We can provide tuition in your own vehicle, you will be required to register and pay for the vehicles space prior to the event. We can provide more information on this if required.

If I damage my car in an accident who will pay?

You are liable for any damage that is caused to our vehicles when you are behind the wheel. Mechanical failures can occur at any time and these will be repaired at our expense unless your reckless driving was a cause of the issue. We offer the option of taking out a £25 damage waiver at the beginning of every event.

If you choose to bring your own vehicle, the circuit, AStar Ltd, or any other person or company cannot be held responsible, regardless of whose fault it was. Any repairs to your vehicle will be your responsibility although we can provide a mechanic upon request. 

What if I'm too fast and less experienced drivers spoil my fun?

Track days are non-competitive, timing is not permitted therefore there is a more relaxed feel about the day. During the drivers briefing, you will be made aware of the process of passing slower cars.

What if I'm too slow?

Speed isn’t necessarily an issue, we want you to have an unforgettable experience based on your ability. We understand that many of our customers may never have been in a race car, our instructors will guide you through the opening laps and begin to increase your speed when appropriate to do so. Ultimately, we want you to have fun which you can do driving within your limit :)

Do you do corporate events?

Yes – speak to our events team to discuss your requirements info@spiresmotorsport.com

The weather is bad; will the track day be cancelled?

There are two possibilities here, days that are cancelled pre-event and days that are cancelled during the event.

Persistent fog, ice or snow are generally the only reasons a track day would be cancelled. Should bad weather force any circuit to close prior to the event we will inform you immediately.

In this instance, any purchases up to £349 can be rescheduled minus a £20 admin fee.  

Purchases over £349 can be refunded or used as credit towards another event minus a £20 admin fee.

Should an event be called off at any point during, a refund of the track time you’ve not used will be issued.

Would a track day make a good gift?

If you’re unsure, please contact our events team and we would be happy to discuss your requirements further and establish if a track day is a good fit.


On the Day:

Once I’ve paid can I cancel?

Once payment has been made your space is cemented on our track day, should you need to cancel no refunds will be offered.

What is the schedule for the event?

Depending on which packages are purchased our events run slightly differently in terms of track time.

A general layout of key timings is as follows:

Arrival between                              07:30 – 08:00

Signing between                            07:30 – 08:30

Driver briefing                               08:30

Sighting laps                                  09:00

Track time commences at          09:30


What is the format?

Our events are run on an open pit lane; this means we go according to our own schedule.

Can we arrive late?

No – Unfortunately, if you're unable to sign on and be briefed you will not be able to take part in the day. If this situation was to arise no refunds would be offered.

Can I add track time on the day?

This would be depending on availability; we unfortunately could not guarantee this.

Are spectators allowed?

Yes – we welcome spectators to come along and share your day. We have refreshments available all day that are free to customers and guests. Most venues also supply food throughout the day (chargeable)

What are the noise requirements for the day?

This is only relevant if you choose to bring your own vehicle. Each venue will have a varying tolerance to noise. Please check your vehicle against the noise limit prior to booking.

How much instruction do I get?

Our instructors will be alongside you during every lap on the track. Guidance will be provided on breaking points and when to turn. Off the track, they will be running you through your video and data to develop your driving.

Can I time my laps?

Timing is not permitted on our track days.

Can I drift?

No – drifting is not permitted on track days.

What if someone isn't obeying the rules?

We take the safety of our team and everyone around us very seriously. If somebody is placing themselves or our instructors in danger, we follow the following system:

1st offence – Pit lane discussion

2nd offence – Time out, you will not be refunded this time

3rd offence – Pulled into the pits and will not return to the track. Again, no refunds will be offered.

What’s the difference between shared package and an exclusive package?

Our exclusive day’s mean that you have your experience with the people you’ve chosen i.e. Family member, friend or colleague. Our shared days are with people you may not know.